Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Fluoride/Brain Research Alarming, Growing and Ignored

Fluoride/Brain Research is Alarming and Growing 

Gov't Never Studied Brain Effects Before Assuring Fluoridation Safety

Water fluoridation is linked to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), according to a study in Environment International (December 2019), adding to the growing pile of scientific literature linking fluoride to neurological disorders e.g. lower IQAutismpoor memorydementiaAlzheimer's Disease. Governments failed to determine fluoride's toxic brain effects before declaring fluoridation safe in the early 1900's. So one is left to wonder if fluoridation promoters are protecting their own  political viabiilitly rather than the health of Americans.
Unnecessary fluoride chemicals are added to public water supplies attempting to reduce tooth decay in tap water drinkers.  But evidence shows it's failing
Additionally, a study in the Janurary 2020 concludes: "low-moderate fluoride exposure is associated with alterations in thyroid function that may modify the association between fluoride and intelligence." (Environment International). This was predicted in a July 2019 University of Calgary public health fluoride report  which stated that thyroid disturbances may underlie fluoride effects on the developing brain.
 Also this Canadian report concludes: "There is some new emerging evidence that fluoride exposure during pregnancy may be harmful to the brain development of children." 
"Fluoride is presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans," concludes the US HHS's National Toxicology Program's monograph, Systematic Review of Fluoride Exposure and Neurodevelopmental and Cognitive Health Effects (Draft 9/6/2019).
NTP writes: "This conclusion is based on a consistent pattern of findings in human studies across several different populations showing that higher fluoride exposure is associated with decreased IQ or other cognitive impairments in children."
Six Mother-Child studies link fluoride to offspring's lower IQ. Sixty-one studies found elevated fluoride exposure associated with reduced IQ in humans.  Over 400 more fluoride/neurotoxic studies  support its biological plausibility. 
EPA admits that fluoride is a chemical with "Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity." 
At EPA's request, the National Research Council (NRC) reviewed fluoride toxicology research to conclude in 2006, "fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain."  EPA was advised to reduce the safe fluoride levels allowed in public water supplies based on NRC guidance. But since NRC's review, hundreds of fluoride/brain studies were published; yet EPA has stil taken no action.
Based on this evidence and more, consumer groups are suing the EPA to recognize fluoride's brain effects when setting safe water fluoride levels now based solely on fluoride's adverse bone and teeth effects. The Trial date is currently set for April 2020.
Government agencies and organized dentistry were irresponsible to instigate fluoridation without brain-safety evidence. Instead, they continue to protect fluoridation and their own carelessness by demanding more research.  Shouldn't that have been done 75 years ago?
The precautionary principle dictates that, at least, pregnant women should be advised to avoid ingesting fluoride. The fetus derives no benefit from fluoride, anyway. Brains don't need fluoride. At best, put fluoride on your teeth not in your brain or the water.
Fluoride is NOT a nutrient or essential for healthy teeth as it was mistakingly assumed to be when fluoridation was introduced in 1945, meaning that consuming a fluoride-free diet will NOT cause tooth decay.
Over 30 studies in the last couple of years ignite even more doubt of fluoridation's safety
Fluoridation really doesn't make any sense.