Friday, September 16, 2016

Fluoridation is a National Disgrace

The country is plagued by industrial wastes infiltrating public water supplies causing  Americans to avoid their tap water using environmentally unfriendly bottled water or water purifiers instead. So it's even more  illogical to purposely add phosphate fertilizer's industrial waste, hydrofluosilicic acid, into public water supplies. It's nickname is fluoride - the process called fluoridation. And it's supposed to prevent tooth decay. But it isn't.  And all fluorides are not the same, as is often claimed.

Because toxic fluoride industrial emissions killed farm animals and crops in the last century, it’s now illegal for industries to emit fluoride into the atmosphere. The phosphate fertilizer industry dutifully captures its fluoride wastes before they escape from smokestacks. Also captured in the process are trace amounts of lead, arsenic, and other nasty toxins.  

Unbelievably, this is the chemical brew that is trucked as hazardous waste into every nook and cranny of America and then injected unpurified into public water supplies - the same water supplies that process, manufacture, mixes with and cooks many foods and beverages consumed by Americans who avoid their fluoridated tap water for health concerns. 

We understand that "acceptable" trace amounts of toxins are present in bottled water and some foods, also  But it doesn’t make sense to add them purposely into water supplies, no matter how low the dose of these cumulative toxins is, 99% of which is not ingested but flushed down the toilet, etc.

Hydrofluosilicic acid, itself, has neither been safety tested in humans or animals nor has its synergistic effect been tested with other water additives or impurities. The US National Toxicology Program is just now studying fluoride’s toxic brain effects The American public, especially our children, are guinea pigs in this ongoing experiment.

Sadly, fluoride has also been shown to enhance lead absorption. 

According to a retired EPA scientist, “If this stuff gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant, if it gets into a lake, it’s a pollutant; but if it goes right straight into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing!”-Dr. J. William Hirzy, EPA scientist

Several cities  stopped fluoridation simply because the departments of health could not provide any safety studies for hydrofluosilicic acid as in Poughkeepsie,NY  and Selmer,Tennessee

In fact, after Poughkeepsie stopped fluoridation in 2008, tooth decay rates steadily declined, according to NYU researchers.  And plotting NYS tooth decay rates against county fluoridation rates neither shows any evidence that fluoridation is linked to less tooth decay nor that it closes the disparity gap between high and low income children.

Despite millions of New Yorkers rejecting or stopping fluoridation, the NYS Department of Health is hell-bent on forcing it down our throats and then forcing us to pay for it, according to J.V. Kumar former NYS Dental Bureau Chief of the NYS Dept of Health in his presentation to the American Dental AssociationFluoridation Celebration.  

First they gutted, a state wide home rule bill.  the home rule bill was was passed into law in the 1990's with bipartisan support that went though the normal channels of legislation into law.
It took power from individual bureaucrats to mandate fluoridation and put it into the hands  of legislative bodies that own their own water system

But the 2015-2016 approved budget changed that law, without citizen notification or input, and takes independent authority away from legislators and puts complicated rules into place for stopping fluoridation and gets bureaucrats back into the decision. The new law is so complicated that an upstate NY community needed to know what it had to do if it wanted to stop fluoridation but Dept of Health employees still needed to figure it out even though NYS has an employee dedicated to fluoridation issues.

Also approved in that budget was millions of dollars in grants to instigate and upgrade fluoridation equipment – sometimes with pressure as is being done in Cortland NY which has previously rejected fluoridation.

The NYS Dept of Health is also wasting more money conducting Fluoridation Spokesperson Training sessions to teach those interested about how to defend, promote or lobby for fluoridation.  No one opposed is allowed to attend.  I was asked to leave such a meeting at SUNY Farmingdale last year. This amounts to government funded lobbying which is supposed to be illegal.

Fluoridation is based on old time beliefs that modern science has disproved.

 You’ve got to look at the science. Hundreds of millions of dollars are changing hands across the US hiring PR agencies and operatives, conducting political strategies, forming new groups and funding pro-fluoridation activists often with the caveat they don’t speak about health risks.  Some states actually have a dedicated fluoridation employee with all its associated costs besides salaries and benefits.

Those of us opposed to fluoridation work on a shoestring budget.  All we have to offer is the truth.

The FDA regulates fluoride in toothpaste as drugs for topical application; but it says fluoride supplements meant for ingestion are unapproved drugs

How did this happen?

At the beginning of the last century, it was believed that ingested fluoride was an essential nutrient to reduce tooth decay

Natural calcium-fluoridated water was originally found to be the cause of brown stained teeth (dental fluorosis) from ingesting too much fluoride while teeth were forming under the gums. Since those with brown teeth had less tooth decay, researchers assumed that fluoride must also  be an essential nutrient to prevent cavities. We now know it’s the calcium and healthy diets that made their teeth decay resistant. Fluoride is just the tooth discoloring culprit and still is today.

Calcium fluoride is much less toxic than sodium fluoride or hydrofluosilicic acid.  In fact, calcium is the antidote for fluoride poisoning.

Based on those early 1900’s findings, human experiments were set up first in Grand Rapids Michigan for tooth effects and then in Newburgh, NY, for health effects in 1945.

So, Newburgh children were the first guinea pigs in the health experiment to see if injecting sodium fluoride into the water supply could make them sick.  It did -  but that is ignored.  In fact, after 50 years of fluoridation, Newburgh children had more tooth decay and more dental fluorosis than never-fluoridated Kingston New York which acted as the control city.

The Newburgh/Kingston experiment can and has been torn apart by HS biology classes.  For example, only school children were studied – not toddlers or adults.  The experiment was declared a success after five years – before the teeth of those born into the experiment had even erupted.  Anyone sick two weeks prior to examination were excluded thereby missing the very children who may have been sickened by fluoride. Cancer, brain and long term effects were never even considered.

In 1955, ten years after the K/N experiment began and five years after it was declared a success, a research paper from the State University of New York reported that children in fluoridated Newburgh had more cortical bone defects, anemia and earlier puberty than non-fluoridated Kingston.

This is the foundation by which you are told fluoridation is safe.

It was also a time when essential nutrients were discovered to “prevent” disease for example:  consuming a diet deficient in Vitamin C causes scurvy –  a vitamin D deficient diet causes rickets..  However, consuming a diet that doesn’t include fluoride does not cause tooth decay. 
If fluoridation won't be banned than governments must stop adding toxin laden hydrofluosilicic acid into the water and find a safer, non-contaminated source.

Offering millions of dollars to communities to encourage the addition of tainted industrial waste into public water supplies should be halted unless the company that supplies the chemicals can provide evidence that their product has been tested and that they vouch for its safety.

The money you save could be used to clean up water supplies accidentally invaded by industrial toxic pollutants.  New York City spends about $24 million yearly on fluoridation for chemicals, equipment repair, manpower, etc, according to a FOIA request.  It cost Hoosick Falls,NY, about that much to begin the clean up of toxic chemicals that infiltrated its water supply and more millions are required. 

So many communities are begging for funds to clean up their water supplies.  It's time to stop adding to their burden by purposely injecting hydrofluosilicic acid into the water supplies and use the money saved to actually clean up the water supplies instead of increasing its toxicity.

Governments need to give us the freedom to choose. Fluoride, like all drugs, has adverse health effects. The water supply should never be used as a drug delivery system, prescribed by legislator, delivered by water engineers and dosed based on thirst and not age, health, weight, need or the presence or absence of teeth.

Fluoridation is newly framed as benefiting the poor.  But the evidence shows that fluoride is useless to low income children with minority children experience more of fluoride toxic effects - dental fluorosis.

Rotten diets make rotten teeth, with or without fluoride, as proven in the 1930’s by dentist Weston Price and reported in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.”  It's confirmed by recent science.

So after, 71 years of fluoridation reaching record numbers of Americans, 61 years of fluoridated toothpaste, a glut of fluoridated dental products both at the dentist and over the counter (and in higher concentrations), a fluoride-saturated food supply, fluoride containing medicines, yet tooth decay is still a national epidemic and dental fluorosis is becoming the new dental health epidemic.  

 But corporations who profit from tooth decay and fluoride sales have become multi-billion dollar, multi international conglomerates. And new dental schools are opening 

Tooth decay is big business!  And fluoridation doesn’t hurt dentists’ bottom line.