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30+ Fluoride-Disparaging Studies Ignite More Doubts of Fluoridation Safety

Poorly done pro-fluoride studies are widely publicized but never fact-checked. Fluoride disparaging studies are ignored. Even more studies link fluoride to brain, kidney, thyroid, bone, vascular damage and more. Are health reporters letting us down or just unable or unwillling to decipher science?  Is organized dentistry or advertisers pulling their strings? Are legislators too concerned with their own political viability than the truth?  Follow the Money.

Fluoride chemicals added to public water supplies, fluoridation, is touted as a safe tooth-decay preventive. However, a growing body of research shows fluoridation can cause harm. Here are headlines you have been deprived of:

Fluoride Linked to ADHD (Environment International (2018)

Fluoride Linked to Underactive Thyroid Gland

Fluoride Linked to Lower IQ

Fluoride can do Neurologic Damage in Utero

ADHD Symptoms Linked to Early-Life Exposure to Fluoride (Environment International 2018)

Fluoride Linked to Thyroid Dysfunction in  Iodine-deficient Adults (Environment International 2018)

·                 More studies you should be aware of:

1)  "Childhood fluoride exposure was associated with atherosclerotic biomarkers." (Environmental Research 2019
2) “The risk of brain damage from low-fluorine exposure cannot be ignored” (Chemosphere April      2019)

3) “Fluoride could be considered an environmental kidney toxicant.” (Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2018) 

4) "Viral infection and fluoride toxicity as contributors to chronic kidney disease.” (International Urology and Nephrology 2018 )

      5) “Exploring the role of excess fluoride in chronic kidney disease: A review”  (Human andExperimental Toxicology 2018)

-     6)  “Positive correlation exists between fluorosis and thyroid functional.” (The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice 2018)

      7)    “Systematic review suggests a positive correlation between excess fluoride and hypothyroidism" (Indian Journal of Dental Research 2018) 

-     8) “Fluorosis is associated with a higher incidence of OPLL"  [a spinal cord disease] (Neurology India 2018)

      9) Fluoride included in “Environmental chemical exposures and neurodevelopmental impairments in children” (Pediatric Medicine 2018

      10)  "Long-term high intake of fluoride can cause skeletal fluorosis in patients with diabetes insipidus" Zhongguo Gu Shang (2017)

      11)  "A relatively large proportion of fluoride intake is retained in the body in weaned infants." (British Journal of Nutrition 2019)

·     12)  Fluoride linked to poor memory. “The study may support the hypothesis that excess fluoride in drinking water is neurotoxic.” (American Journal of Medicine and Medical Science 2018)

·     13)  "Fluorosis is more common in adults with lifetime exposure to water fluoridation than those with no exposure" Community Dentistry & Oral Epidemiology 2018)

·     14) Editorial (Fluoride 2018) “Fluoride-induced Developmental Disorders and Iodine Deficiency Disorders as Examples of Developmental Disorders Due to Disturbed Thyroid Hormone Metabolism”

·     15) Fluorosis is linked to Anemia (Current Science 2018)

·     16) Fluoride could be implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease (International Journal of                     Molecular Sciences 2018) and 

      17)  Fluoride could be implicated in Dementia (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2019)

      18) Fluoride contributes to degenerative eye diseases such as cataracts, age related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma, (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health March 2019),

     18) Federal data  shows that 65% of American children now have some degree of dental fluorosis with 30% afflicted with moderate and severe fluorosis (Journal of Dental Research – Clinical & Translational Research March 2019).

More here: October 2018August 2018May 2018February 2018
More human/fluoride studies here: 
Fluoridation chemicals, hydrofluosilicic acid, can also adversely affect the environment. A trucking company was fined $250,000 for a crash that spilled 8,000 litres of fluoridation chemicals all over the highway and the driver, killing him, sending 28 to the hospital, injuring first responders, and harming the nearby ecosystem:
A 2019 Sandy, Utah, accidental overfeed of fluoridation chemicals into the water supply seriously sickened residents, damaged pipes and lowered property values.  Public officials were unprepared and/or uneducated about how to deal with the problem. 
Many fluoridation chemical accidents prove fluoridation can't be guaranteed as safe. 
           More human studies from 2018 – 2019   

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