CDC funded UK Cochrane Fluoridation Review

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This note is in response to your June 29, 2015, inquiry about CDC’s involvement with the Cochrane report, Water Fluoridation to Prevent Tooth Decay. CDC did not fund the 2015 Cochrane review of fluoridation research. However, through a competitive process, the Cochrane Oral Health Group was awarded a contract in 2011 to update all of the oral health reviews in The Guide to Community Preventive Services ( Among these was a water fluoridation review that included most of the same studies that were included in the recent Cochrane review.

CDC staff were invited to and did participate in providing review and comments to a draft of the Cochrane publication. As noted in the Acknowledgements section of the report, “the review does not reflect the views of all referees.”

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CDC Division of Oral Health
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Your Question: Did the CDC give a grant or otherwise help fund the recent Cochrane review of fluoridation research seen here  Also did anyone in the CDC participate in the process of creating, evaluating or otherwise producing this document in any way.  If so, please detail.

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