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Fluoride Harmful

Research shows that fluoride (the decay-preventative added to water and dental products) can make people sick; but improved diet and complete fluoride withdrawal can relieve symptoms.(a)

Fluoride’s harmful health effects, except to teeth, are rarely studied in the U.S. and, in fact, are often discouraged(b).

In areas of India, where food and water are naturally fluoride-abundant, severe fluoride toxicity is common and manifests as debilitating and disfiguring diseases(d). Well-known is that fluoride excess irreversibly cripples bones and crumbles teeth (skeletal and dental fluorosis, respectively).

Lesser-known is that early fluorosis warning signs, or soft tissue toxicity, are reversible with a diet adequate in calcium, vitamins C, E, other antioxidants and withdrawal of all fluoride sources (the intervention), report researchers Madhu Bhatnager and Professor (Dr.) A.K. Susheela, the CEO and Director of India’s Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation.

“It is now an established fact that fluoride ingestion over a period of time can affect the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs and systems resulting in a variety of clinical manifestations," writes Dr. Susheela who researches fluoride extensively . The following symptoms can occur even from fluoride consumption at the low level added to most US water supplies.

1) aches and pain in the joints, i.e. neck, back, hip, shoulder and knee without visible signs of fluid accumulation

2) non-ulcer dyspepsia such as nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach, bloated feeling or gas formation in the stomach, constipation followed by diarrhea

3) polyuria (frequent urination) and polydipsia (excessive thirst)

4) muscle weakness, fatigue, anemia with low hemoglobin level

5) complaints of repeated abortions/still birth

6) complaints of male infertility with abnormality in sperm morphology, oligospermia (spermatozoa deficiency in the semen), azoospermia (spermatozoa absence in the semen) and low testosterone levels.”

Susheela and Bhatnager recommend physicians consider fluoride toxicity for the above-listed patient complaints and/or any loss of shine or discoloration in the patient’s front row of teeth, which may be due to dental fluorosis.

“Pediatricians need to be educated about fluorosis. Perhaps water fluoridation and indiscriminate promotion of fluoridated dental products in the name of prevention of dental caries (cavities) need to be reviewed,” writes Susheela and Bhatnager

U.S. studies show American children are fluoride saturated, ruining their teeth with dental fluorosis; yet cavity rates are rising (1-8). These children should be studied for fluoride’s other adverse health effects and correlated to essential nutrient consumption and cavities.

Also never studied, incredibly, are the most widely-used artificial fluoride chemicals Americans drink daily - silicofluorides (j), derived from fertilizers, purposely added to water supplies, at about 1 milligram fluoride per quart of water, in an attempt to reduce tooth decay. Recent published studies indicate that children who live in silico-fluoridated communities have higher blood lead levels than children who live in sodium fluoridated or non-fluoridated communities (k).

Ironically, higher blood lead levels are also linked to higher rates of tooth decay (L) and are associated with higher rates of diseases and behavioral problems (including hyperactivity, substance abuse, and violent crime).

Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential to health. Fluoride deficiency does not lead to tooth decay. Poor diet causes cavities and fluoride can’t fix a poor diet.

Fluoride has been linked to many other health problems such as thyroid dysfunction, bone fractures, lowered IQ, allergic and intolerant effects and more.




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Nice Post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

After years of listening to how nothing was wrong with me, thou I have many of the systoms listed from having too much flouride, now at 30 years old, Doctors are starting to link these facts together. Flouride is very harmful, and knowing that now, my intestine stops working, and only a strict diet and excerize can make it work again. I have found that laxititves only delay improvement, and only result in needing more painkillers for the intestinal spasms, and muscle spasms. Please make this fact more publically known, all pleople need not grow with such man-made environmental dangers. Living with the effects of too much flouride can be a painful experience, and no drug can efficiently control the pain, nor regulate the intestine. And having your bones hurt, and hurt for over 22 years, and listen to how there's nothing wrong, is disheartening, and makes me believe that no doctor is out there actually help a client. It must be for the money and only the money. Flouride is harmful, do not add flouride to your water!

dynaweb said...

Thanks for posting this stuff. It is very important to our health and personal liberties. See also here ...

Anonymous said...

I took two commonly prescribed anti-depressants containing fluoride for several years,and i unknowingly drank my share of water too.It made me a physical and psychological wreck,and i thought i might die.But after getting the fluoride out my life,detoxing and taking antioxidants,and drinking properly filtered water,my symptoms have greatly improved.It is criminal what government,medical establishment and big corp is doing to people,especially children,with fluoride.It is a scam of monumental proportions.Fluoride has ZERO benefits,except to special interests.For the rest of us,it is slow suicide.And the ubiquity of this substance makes it difficult to avoid.But you can reduce your toxic burden significantly with a little effort.

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Anonymous said...

I am a Dental Hygienist, and have been in the Dental field for over 20 years. I wish that I had researched Fluoride and it's effects sooner. Now I understand a bit better those parents who do not wish to give their children fluoride supplements. What brought me to search the subject now is I started to give my child fluoride pills 7 months ago. I only gave them two times a week. He never experienced nightmares before fluoride, on the second night of having fluoride each week he would wake with awful night fright nightmares. He will not even recognize me or my husband, he would try running from me saying he wants mommy. He kicks and pushes me away and cries inconsolably. Symptoms last a little over half an hour.. This pattern of giving Fluoride and on the second night of consuming it the fright nightmares would occur for the next seven months. We stopped fluoride five weeks ago and never experienced another fright night mare... I can say without a doubt that there is a connection between fluoride and night fright dreams with my child. (My child is a very bright 4 year old who excels in learning with no other health issues )

Best regards,
Dental Hygienist of NH